White Dresses in Every Style, Ever

My favorite dresses are short, not too clingy and long-sleeve—ideal for showing off good shoes, eating the wedding cake worry-free and weathering over-air-conditioned places. But maybe you're more of a strapless, mid-length and tight sort of girl, or that's what's more flattering on you. That's cool.

Everyone's got a favorite dress style, and I don't expect yours to be mine—which is precisely why I've sorted all these white dresses into thirty (thirty!) different types according to their cut and fit. Because while you probably already know you want a new white dress (It's May, so it's time, although apparently guys love them year-round) maybe you don't know where your white dress is hiding. So I did the work for you. It's below. I promise.

Strapless + Short + Tight

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