A Look at A League Of Their Own's Hall of Fame-Worthy Style

A League of Their Own is arguably one of the best baseball movies of all time, right up there with Field of Dreams and The Sandlot. The story traces the rise of women's baseball in a time of war, and shows the early seeds of feminism in the United States. When the men go off to fight, a hole is left in the baseball world—and women from all over the country take up the bat and go pro. To honor the original members of All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, we took a look at the easy style of Dottie Henson, Kit Keller and Mae Mordabito.

Dottie Henson, "The Queen of Diamonds"

Dottie's husband is off fighting and after her sister Kit starts to beg, she joins the league and leaves her family home in Oregon. She's the elder and wiser sibling and also one of the best players in the league. Everything comes to a head when a miscommunication pits her and Kit against each other in the championship.

Columbia Pictures/ Courtesy Everett Collection