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Not your garden variety garden print.
A Prada Spring 2011-inspired look makes the day even more special.
Festive enough for all your afterparties. (But bonus points if you wear any of these fancy flats, too.)
A comfy cut is ideal for the long seated wait ahead. (Especially if your last name starts with X, Y or Z.)
Be remembered as the girl who wore red.
Black eyelet is important-event-appropriate but not ho-hum serious.
Very happy occasions call for very happy dresses.
Unsure of the dress code? Go with white.
For extra-hot stadium ceremonies: airy chiffon and no straps will keep you cool.
Works with low stacked-heel sandals at commencement, cut-out derby shoes the rest of summer.
It's simple enough to layer on extra jewelry. (And who wouldn't want that excuse?)
Taylor Swift would totally wear this to a graduation. (Most likely with a cute shaggy-haired boy on her arm.)
Keep your hair and makeup simple: this bold print makes enough of a statement.
Black and white will match any color cap and robe.
You know what the non-constrictive drop waist means, right? Extra helpings of grad party cake, that's what.