Aviators vs. Wayfarers: Our Editors Weigh in on Their Favorite Shades

With summer officially started, we've got sunglasses on the brain. And when it comes to buying a new pair, we all must decide: Wayfarers or aviators? Of course, this leaves plenty of room for debate and our editors are rarely quiet on such issues. It seems we have more Wayfarers fans than aviator devotees on the team, but where do you stand?

"To me, there's nothing more classic than a solid-colored pair of Wayfarers. They're the ultimate unisex, looks-good-on-pretty-much-every-face-shape shades and have the most delightful '80s Bret Easton Ellis vibe. I love mine so much that I actually own them both in basic black and a folding version with mirrored lenses that I can squeeze into even the teensiest clutch. Hey, you never know when searing rays of sunshine might strike!" - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor