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Artwork is my favorite gift—it has a more lasting effect than anything else. Hugo Guinness never fails to deliver a crowd-pleaser and is always a great value.
Your father a smoker? Even if he's not, these guys come in handy for any man, trust me. I don't smoke and I never leave the house without it. These days you can actually customize it too, so get something special.
This is quite possibly the most life-changing invention of the last century. It's easy to install, easy to use and is an instant catalog of thousands of TV shows, movies and music. I believe my own father considers it one of his actual children now, effectively making me the middle child. Now I have issues.
In my experience, a lot of fathers have one watch they wear every single day. That's totally fine, but giving him options is always good. Opting for a simple face and leather band will give him something a little more casual that might be more appropriate at times.
Fathers have a thing for navigation and direction. We've all had that moment in the car where it's like, "Oh my god, my parents are going to kill each other because we can't find the McDonalds off the highway. I can't believe this is how my life ends." But let's take that childhood horror and turn it into a great gift. Coffee table books are always welcome for the home or office.
Last year my brother and I decided to take matters into our own hands and rescue my father from the clutches of "dad jeans." We went with a simple pair from J.Crew and since then, he's never gone back. You can do this. Your father can do this. Work together.
A father's life is very busy. In those rare moments when he can relax, let him do it comfortably and with a little bit of style. Go the Sleepy Jones route.
Ursa Major is well known for creating some of the best grooming products out there. Their Father's Day gift box comes with a General Knot & Co. pocket square and the absolute best packaging around. There are only 100 made, so you better move.
De-clutter Dad's life with a new phone. Everything he needs will be front and center with a top-notch camera. Maybe now he'll stop asking for tech advice and send you more pictures of your dogs.
This is seriously a miracle. Unlimited movies, in theaters, for a month for $49.99 (or $119.99 for three months). Buy one for him and everybody you know.
Because let's face it: he just wants to get away.