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Tons of medium-to-large handbags exist in the world; what sets this one apart is it's pretty color. I promise when everyone compliments you, it will be, "I love your blue bag."
Between the tawny color and equestrian-inspired details, this satchel had a sort of Chloé vibe happening. Which means, despite the lofty price, you're actually saving money; similar pieces by the French brand cost well into the thousands.
Although the smaller version of Rag & Bone's Pilot Bag already has a home in my closet, I'm considering this larger style, too. One size up is just big enough to accommodate the spare magazine and water bottle the baby size can't.
Designer Phillip Lim shrewdly named this the "31 Hour Bag" because it hold everything you need for 24 hour days that feel seven hours longer.
Perfect for semi-formal events when a clutch doesn't hold enough but your roughed up everyday bag looks too casual.
If you are a high-powered lawyer or business lady, please, please buy this and let me live vicariously through you! Then wear it with a Victoria Beckham sheath dress while you kick ass in the boardroom!
Besides being awesome because it sort of looks like an armadillo, the color is what really makes this bag. It's grey, but like, a cool brownish, pinkish warm grey thats more special than slate, dove or any of the other 47 shades that apparently exist.
Big red bags show everyone you are confident, happy and in charge of your life. Wearing one is like saying to the world, "Look at me! I am fabulous enough to carry a giant red bag!
There is just something so unbelievably special about an ombré leather tote. It's not something most people can DIY, or a common sighting in stores, so it gives the owner an air of mystery. Everyone wants the bag, but no one knows how to get it.
While this style is actually available in nine other colors, including black, navy and tan, I picked the fushia because it's just so darn happy. Like, who's going to be in a bad mood if their bag is the same shade as most My Little Ponies?
For days when I need a carryall but don't actually want to, eh, carry it all, backpacks are my best friend. Still, it's best to go with something streamlined, label-less and completely devoid of nylon so the look doesn't veer into trudging to class territory.