Coin Jewelry That's Perfectly On Point for Summer

It's not a tropical print shirtdress or a straw handbag, but for some reason coin jewelry always makes me think of summer-y clothes first and foremost. Maybe it's because I associate it with pirates, treasure chests and Johnny Depp swigging rum in the sun, or, like, Helen of Troy and breezy, Grecian-style dresses. Whatever it is, while I'm sure a coin necklace would look great draped over a crewneck sweater in winter, too, with a little sundress and a tan—that's when it's really perfect. So now that it's officially summer according to the calendrical gods, I've rounded up seven of my favorite, currently available coin jewelry pieces to buy right now. Can't you just hear them jangling as you dance at some beach-y wedding?

Sure, you can mix it in with other bracelets, but it's definitely cool enough to stand on its own, too.

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