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Call it "oxblood," "bruised cranberry" or any of these terms; this maroon-ish shade is the best.
Something to match your new TOMS sunglasses on the Fourth of July.
Looks so refreshing on a hot summer day.
Wear some matching flowers in your hair.
Watch out, ketchup: blue and mustard work real well together.
Highlights your feet. Literally.
Makes me crave mint chip ice cream.
Kermit chic.
Dark enough to count as a neutral.
The same shade as speckled robin's eggs, Aquafresh toothpaste and Easter basket grass.
Bluer than the clearest of cloudless skies.
A little cooler than the classic black version.
People will lean over to get a better look.
Powdery hues work well with floral sundresses.
Who wouldn't want to hang with a girl in purple sneaks?