16 Ultra-Luxe Beach Bags Bound to Make Your Standard-Issue Canvas Totes Jealous

Sure, you already know exactly what you're packing for your multiple shoreside excursions this summer. Sunglasses? Check! Eye-catching towel? Check! Bikini of choice? Check check (check for the top, check for the bottoms)! But where to stow all those carefully-chosen beach essentials?

Well, if money's absolutely no object, you might be interested in one of the 16 dream beach bags featured below. While certainly pricey, these three- to four-figure-priced carryalls will certainly set you apart from those schlepping standard-issue canvas totes up and down the shore. And if nothing else, it's fun to dream about being able to snap them up for your next jaunt to Saint-Tropez the Hamptons your friend's roof deck your nearest public beach.

Considering that Hermès' wait-list-worthy Birkins start at around $6,000 (and escalate quickly from there), this horse-printed beach tote is actually something of a steal. You know, by comparison.