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Click through to shop 50 incredibly unique engagement rings, all from Etsy!
If the gorgeous opal doesn't immediately catch your eye, the petite diamond accent sure will.
This 1.18 carat diamond flower stunner is sure to please!
These ring sets allow for ultimate customization, and they're just so cool.
This dual-stone ring features an uncut emerald and diamond.
A great mix of Art Deco and stunning, this 1940s sapphire and diamond ring is a great alternative choice.
This gold twig ring is a natural altervative!
Show her you mean it when you say "forever" with this sapphire-encrusted ring.
Add a little something to the classic band.
It's a whopping 5.20 carats!
Wow. Just wow.
Jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
A not-too-literal take on Kate Middleton's famous sapphire.
It's like wearing a sparkly flower on your hand!
How do you say no to that incredible green?
Why wear one when you can wear two?
This ring has a conflict-free, uncut diamond and the band is made of recycled metal!
Fun fact: This ring features a Moissanite stone. Moissanite was originally discovered in a meteor crater in Arizona!
Diamonds not your thing? Try this white topaz!
So fun.
A classic sparkler set into a pink gold band.
It's the Heart of the Ocean—in ring form and hopefully with a happier ending!
Geometry at play.
The perfect mix of natural and delicate.
This handmade ring is sure to be one of a kind.
Details! It's all in the details.
Yes, that's a wrench with a sapphire. And yes, we love it.
So intricate.
If the sea is your calling, this is your ring!
Yellow isn't always an easy color to wear, but this sunny jewel is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
How very heartwarming.
Even the Borgias would be jealous of this Renaissance style.
A sweet little heart. Perfect for any occasion.
This handcrafted ring is a guaranteed showstopper.
A great stackable option.
This ring is revolutionary.
This would also make a great cocktail ring. Oh—and it's on sale!
This ring could pass for one of Queen Elizabeth's crown jewels!
This steel (yeah—you read that right) engagement ring features Moldavite, which is formed by a meteorite impact.
This black diamond is set in a black gold setting. It's very "New York in the winter."
It's like you're always being watched—but in a good, non-creepy way!
Delicated hydrangea ring that begs to be stacked.
This ring set includes three bands for under $400!
The two-toned gold makes quite a statement.
This ring offers 360 degrees of uniqueness.
If diamonds grew on trees, we're pretty sure they would look like this!
For those seeking a slightly less literal diamond.
Serious perfection.
If you're totally obsessed with Downton Abbey like I am, you'll adore this Lady Mary-approved ring.
Another great Art Deco vintage option.
Uncut diamonds aren't everyone's cup of tea, but they make for some incredibly unique (and natural!) rings.