Our Lucky Editor-Approved Governors Ball Packing Guide

Starting tomorrow, music fans from across the tri-state area (and beyond) will trek out to New York's Randall's Island for a weekend's worth of amazing tunes and sweet eats in the third annual Governors Ball. Quickly becoming the East Coast's answer to Coachella, the festival boasts an incredibly impressive lineup this time around, with scheduled sets from the likes of Kanye West, Kings of Leon, HAIM, Icona Pop, Yeasayer, Azealia Banks and dozens more.

As with Coachella, Lollapalooza, South by Southwest or any of the other big-name musical events currently in existence, the festival fashion is one of Gov Ball's biggest draws. And even if you're not gunning to be snapped by a photog, you should certainly dress the part of a festival-goer—for both comfort and style reasons. Click through for five key items we think no Governors Ball attendee should be without this weekend.


Naysayers will discourage you from wearing a playsuit at a music festival—"What happens when you have to use the bathroom?!" they'll cry—but I chose one for last year's Gov Ball and had a grand old time. Just make sure yours is both lightweight and relatively simple enough to get into and out of.