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Naysayers will discourage you from wearing a playsuit at a music festival—"What happens when you have to use the bathroom?!" they'll cry—but I chose one for last year's Gov Ball and had a grand old time. Just make sure yours is both lightweight and relatively simple enough to get into and out of.
I've said it before and I'll say it again—sandals at a music festival yield dirty, sunburnt feet that are at high risk of being trampled on. Sneakers are a far better choice, at least for days you're planning to stay out on Randall's Island from noon 'til night.
Bustier Top
More coverage than a crop top, yet sexier than a standard-issue tank. In short, it's ta compromise in clothing form. We spotted 'em all over Gov Ball last summer, and expect to see many more this weekend.
Printed Shorts
Save your cutoffs for Coachella.
Long hours spent in a standing-only venue means you'll want a bag you can tuck between your feet during those many musical acts. For that—and sheer cool factor—I recommend a backpack.