Nine Jelly Sandals to Save Your Feet on Rainy Summer Days

It's pouring outside, but it's too hot for the rain boots you lived in all spring. In this weather, they'd turn into individual leg saunas. What to do?

If you're Noelle Sciacca, our Associate Market Editor, you don't reach for a pair of ankle-length galoshes. Sure, they'd solve the overheating problem of knee-high rain boots, but they'd still look like rain shoes, the kind of thing you need for 20 minutes in the morning but feel weird wearing when you leave work at night and the skies have been clear for five and a half hours. They're not rain-ready in a subtle way.

But Noelle's recent choice of footwear on a rainy day—jelly sandals—yeah, those are. Your feet might get a little wet in them, of course, but they'll dry within seconds of coming inside, unlike they would in your waterlogged-for-hours canvas sneakers or leather flats. And perhaps equally importantly, they'll seamlessly slide into your outfit in a way other PVC-plastic-rubbery rain shoes can't—enough so that you'll want to wear them on blue sky days, too. They're waterproof and they won't overpower the rest of your outfit. I'd say Noelle made the right choice.

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