Kate Spade Saturday Is Redefining Window Shopping With Its New 24-Hour Digital Storefronts

This past Saturday, I was invited to test-drive Kate Spade Saturday's new touchscreen storefront in NYC's Meatpacking District. In a partnership with eBay, the brand's installed four interactive window shops in downtown Manhattan, each open and operable 24 hours a day. Stocked with 30 pieces from Kate Spade's cool contemporary collection, the tech-savvy windows allow shoppers in need of last-minute sleepover supplies (a clear zip clutch ingeniously comes pre-packed with a toothbrush and toothpaste), beach day bits 'n' bobs (there's a tote equipped with a special compartment perfectly sized to hold a chilled six-pack) and the dreaded sudden downpour (here's looking at you, graphic patterned umbrella) to get their fix.

The first thing I learned about the Saturday windows? They're veritable pedestrian magnets. As I swiped my way through the onscreen goodies before making my selections, a small crowd of passers-by stopped to watch (one even stuck around after I'd left to make her own purchase!). Once you pick your pieces, simply punch in your cell number and you'll get a text that allows you to schedule your (free!) same-day delivery right on your phone. You can arrange to have your purchases delivered anywhere in the city, in as little as one hour. Post-shopping, I headed to brunch with my boyfriend and some pals, and we got a kick out of having a yellow-suited delivery guy come straight to our table to drop off my bag of Saturday swag.

Click through to see the whole process in action—and be sure to stop by one of Kate Spade Saturday's interactive retail windows in person to check them out for yourself! Located at 175 Orchard Street, 154 Spring Street, 7 W. 18th Street and 30 Gansevoort Street, they'll be open for business through July 7—around the clock, of course.

I purposely dressed in mismatched polka dots for my trip to the window because it felt like a very Kate Spade-y thing to do. True story.