18 Party-Ready, Mix-and-Matchable Lace Skirts

We love a lace dress. Who doesn't love a lace dress? Everyone from Taylor Swift to Cara Delevingne wears them, albeit with varying degrees of eyeliner and swagger. But we might love lace skirts even more so, because they're just so versatile. Swapping out tops creates dozens of options that feel like entirely different outfits—something a single dress can't really do.

With a white t-shirt to nail a Jenna Lyons-y high-low mix for brunch with a fashion-y friend, a leather tank to toughen it up for artisanal cocktails at that too-cool bar, a silk camisole for a fancy summer wedding when you want to look elegant, but different: yeah, there are lots of possibilities that make a lace skirt a smart buy. But before you start dizzying your brain with how you'll wear it, you'll first need to pick one out so you can wear it. Below, 18 options that just might be able to help with that.

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