50 Dream Swimsuits Worth The Splurge

In a dream world, money for a fancy new bathing suit or money for summer travel wouldn't be an either/or thing, where I'm weighing a very tempting Vix bikini against that fact that I'll probably still want to have dollar bills in my account once I get to the beach. Instead, it'd be a both thing, so I'd book a week at a Lake Como hotel creepily near George Clooney's house and buy a bunch of ridiculous (in a good way) swimsuits, like these ones below.

From delicate crochet bikinis to jeweled one-pieces, each one is either over-the-top enough to feel like a full-on outfit or refined enough to merit dry cleaning. Basically, they're the perfect things to wear on George's yacht, if I'm ever invited. And if not (or... when not?), they'll still add a shot of glamour to make me feel fancy wherever I am this summer, even if it's just a neon plastic lawn chair on a 4-by-6 concrete "lawn." They're just that fabulous, in the most diva, America's Next Top Model sense of the word.

Elle Macpherson would wear it for a fanstical Sports Illustrated shoot in the Galapagos, but I need it for my drinking-Bud-Light-by-a-crowded-pool, unglamorous life. It's awesome.

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