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Elle Macpherson would wear it for a fanstical Sports Illustrated shoot in the Galapagos, but I need it for my drinking-Bud-Light-by-a-crowded-pool, unglamorous life. It's awesome.
Punchy print, plunging neckline: not your mother's one-piece swimsuit.
It's basically your favorite flirty cocktail dress shrunk down to a bathing suit version.
Pool party in Vegas? Bachelorette in Miami? You need this.
A pretty, sophistocated update on the Baywatch-y red one-piece.
Hello, Coachella pool parties.
So preppy-pretty it almost seems like you need a blowout just to step into it.
I'd totally tuck it into a skirt and wear it to dinner, too.
Cool and sporty, but covered-up enough that it'll still be the suit of your dreams in 20 years, too.
Accessorizing a bathing suit is tricky. This does all the work for you.
Simple but unusually elegant, like all things Lanvin.
Fashion fans will recognize that print as Kenzo, so it's like wearing a fancy designer logo bikini...but cooler.
Strong Alexa Chung-y, "I'm lowkey yet always look perfect" vibe.
Well obviously we had to put some Missoni in here. It's a classic for a reason.
How to try a sexy little cutout detail without actually exposing anything out of the ordinary.
I wouldn't be shocked to see Beyonce wear it on stage with some cage-y stilettos and bright lipstick. That's how much it feels like its own outfit.
Admit it. You totally wanted your own Britney moment.
Can't decide between a bikini and a one-piece? Reach for this.
Way prettier than your childhood Speedo, with a much cooler color palette, too.
The shape's amazing, but the periwinkle color might be the best part.
Go ahead and match the pool water. That fabric's awesome.
The beach is fun, so you're bathing suit should be, too.
The tan lines won't be stellar, but the head turns you'll get while you're lying on that pool chair? For sure.
Very Fifth Element, in a good way.
Even in a black one-piece Mara Hoffman still lets her bohemian side shine through. Props.
The absolute perfect 1000-watt magenta. No better way to showcase a tan.
For your own private Bond girl moment.
High necklines make a swimsuit stand out in a pack. I'm a fan.
A little bit retro, but in a sleek way, not a frilly, polka dotted one.
Classic and pretty much perfect. (It's the thicker straps that slay me.)
Naturally, ChloƩ does the printed bikini in a super-refined sort of way.
Stripes + preppy blue and white palette: it's just what you need for a weekend on the Cape. Or pretending like you're on the Cape.
It's a subtle detail, but that gold belt makes it so much cooler.
Reminds me of the wallpaper in a glamorous Miami hotel. I love it.
Glamorous is a unmistakeably disco way, like something Michelle Pfeiffer's Scarface character would've loved.
Scalloping is one of those teeny little details with tons of figure-flattering power.
How to be elegant and cool without saying a word.
Simple cutout suits bore you? Try this.
Marries a unique silhouette with safe black color, so you can try something different without too much hesitation.
Add a bright red lipstick to make it even more glamorous.
It's basically underwater camouflage.
It might be the most outright "diva" of them all.
It's a classic, like a quilted Chanel bag or black Manolo Blahnik pumps.
Strategic studding makes it a whole lot sassier.
Just needs one of the brand's beach towels to accompany it, obviously.
Pair it with cat eye sunglasses and an oversize sun hat.
How Madonna sunbathes.
It even looks expensive, doesn't it?
Add a bright pink lip gloss to make it even more punchy.
Sporty, but super-pretty, too.