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Add simple sandals and a punchy shade of lipstick, and go.
For breezy nights and overly air conditioned restaurants.
Way cooler than your average chambray shirt.
I actually already have these in tortoise shell, and I love them. Go buy them.
Perfect Goldilocks size: not too big, not too small. And um, that color.
It'll become one of your go-to summer staples on running late days. Just add a slouchy t-shirt and flats and you're done.
It's reversible so it's really like getting 2 bikinis for the price of 1. (Right?)
Use them as an alternative to your basic everyday sandals. With cutoffs, with sundresses, with jeans and t-shirt: they'll look great in a fresh, unexpected way.
Lug your lunch, your sneakers, etc, and still look perfectly preppy and put-together.
Wear it over a sundress as a more polished alternative to a cardigan or jean jacket.
I love how the wrap part is thin so they're a sort of delicate shoe instead of overwhelmingly gladiator-y one.
Wear it with a printed button-down for an easy mix and match look.
Because sometimes you're wearing an all solid-color outfit and you just want something printed to make things a little more interesting.