Shopbop Just Marked Its Sale Section Down An Extra 25 Percent!

One of the things that really sets Shopbop apart from similar e-tailers out there is its willingness to mark items down. Instead of only slashing its prices a few occasions per year, like several of their competitors do, the company maintains a perennial sale section—and a well-stocked one at that. Then, when the annual time comes for all the other web stores to start discounting their inventories, the selection at Shopbop just gets even bigger and even cheaper. It's the best.

Take right now, for instance. At this very moment, the e-commerce site has 6,993 sale items marked between 20 and 70 percent off and spread across a wide range of catagories. There's pieces from high-end designer brands (Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, Thakoon) and smaller boutique labels (What Goes Around Comes Around, Madison Marcus, The Lake & Stars), along with free three-day shipping on everything (although that's no promotion, it's just an awesome thing Shopbop does for all of its customers, no matter how much they order). And here's the kicker: on top of all that good stuff that's already got me planning to drop some serious cash, the e-shop is offering an additional 25 percent off all sale items through June 27. All you need to indulge in this special event is the code "EXTRA25" and a good chunk of time to spend sifting through product feeds.

I've already dedicated over an hour "researching" for this story and there's still thousands of items I still haven't seen. Before I dive back in, here are the eleven pieces living in my digital shopping cart right now:

Bracelet shopping's so much better when you aren't broke after one.