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Bracelet shopping's so much better when you aren't broke after one.
For girls out there who, like me, loved Raf Simon's Spring/Summer 2012 collection for Jil Sander but couldn't afford it.
Let's keep the over 50 percent discount between just us, okay? It's more fun to let people think I paid full price.
Cheap enough I won't be upset when these get trashed by sand and saltwater.
This white dress is so perfect that I would've paid full price. (But I'm so glad I'm not going to!)
It's going to feel so good in September when the same style's full price.
Quite the deal for something that matches my entire wardrobe.
For such a reasonable price, I'm willing to give this whole romper thing a try.
Well, I have been dreaming of patchwork pants since last February...
Because who wants to pay big bucks for a clutch?
I just love me a good excuse to buy more stripes.