It's the Weekend, Go Shop the Ssense Sale is a gorgeous website to shop: big pictures, cool font, straighforward layout with all the models standing in the exact same pose like a unusually good-looking army. It's slick and pretty and I love it enough that sometimes I browse the site for fun when I really have no intention of buying anything at all.

But today I do want to buy things, because Ssense is having a pretty great sale. What makes it awesome isn't that the discounts are crazy insane (Moda Operandi takes the cake on that one this week, while the Ssense sale caps off at a not-ginormous 40 percent off). Instead it's great because it goes totally against my normal expectations of sales and their size runs. Like when I clicked on a pair of Rag & Bone jeans I liked and they had them in a 24 and 31 and each and every size in between. That's nuts! And fantastic. And seems to be the standard for this sale: they don't just have what you want, they have it in your size, too. Which, like the site's layout and the pictures all that good stuff, makes it really fun to shop. Click here to see the full selection, or start by browsing some of the standout items from the sale below (you know, if you actually want to buy something).

The most adorable summer shoe.

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