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The most adorable summer shoe.
Standout on the beach without resorting to a crazy skimpy cutout bikini.
You'll want to carry it even when you're only bringing keys and your credit card to the supermarket, because it's just that awesome.
Tuck it into a colorful skirt for an easy warm weather outfit.
Slightly larger than you'd expect yet super-polished looking, so it's a great day-to-night option.
We love that they're sleek without being full-on leather or latex-y.
More exciting that the standard chambray shirt, but just as versatile.
Wear it with oranges and reds for an unexpected color mix.
It'll be your new standby jacket.
Glamorous, but not too dramatic of a cat-eye that it makes you look crazy.
If you're looking for something that screams designer fashion, one of Marc Jacob's florals from last season is probably a safe bet.
A little cooler than a colorful, blinged out statement necklace, but just as eye-catching.
Neutral, but not boring.