15 Pairs of Awesome, Beat-the-Heat Cutout Shoes

In summer, cutout shoes feel like a peace treaty swooping in to stop the the war I keeping waging on my shoe bins. For the office or dinners or even just brunch when I don't want to look dowdy, it's hard to find shoes that are humidity-friendly but still polished. Because that's not the patent leather brogues I wore all winter (too hot now) or the barely-there sandals I wear to the beach (too casual). And sometimes even when I find a fancy sandal in those bins (seemingly a good problem-solver), I just don't want to wear them until I get a pedicure. Cutout shoes are the perfect compromise, promising to keep my foot cool and (mostly) covered-up. I definitely need a pair, and you probably do too.

They'd make my simple dark-jeans-and-white-tee outfits better.

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