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The Panama Hat
J.Crew stocks it in three different colors right now because it's that big of a preppy essential. Pair it with a striped shirt, white jeans and leather sandals to nail the classic look.
The Baseball Cap
It gives everything a bit of dressed-down irreverence, which is  perfectly on point with summer's happy, casual vibe.
The Cowboy Hat
It can be tricky to pull off, but sometimes we see some model or actress wear a simple one with a classic bikini and it just looks cool and rock 'n' roll.
The Wide Brim Hat
Yeah, you can still wear the felt ones in summer. Just maybe stick to classic neutrals instead of fall foliage-y hunter greens and cranberries. Kate Moss wears them with her summer dresses, and it looks kind of awesome.
The Floppy Hat
They'll keep your face protected from the sun, and that's great. But they also just look so old-world glamorous paired with a sleek one-piece and a good beach read.