The Best Bags From the Kate Spade Sale

Shoes and skirts and jeans are great and all, but they're not the best things to buy on sale. Bags are the best things to buy on sale. They won't read size 39 when they squinch your toes like a 38, and they wont measure smaller in the thighs than in the calves (I swear it's happened to me.) Bags will never not fit. Which, of course, means you're less likely to waste time or money on a return (or not a return, if it was final sale.)

So with that in mind, we'd suggest you head over to the Kate Spade sale, where there are (literally) dozens of great clutches, totes and crossbody bags on sale, in everything from punchy striped canvas to classic quilted leather. Click through below to shop some of our favorites, then check out the full sale (on shoes and tops and pants, too, but you know...) here.

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