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Sofia Coppola
In honor of Louis Vuitton co-hosting the event, Sofia wore a look from the brand's pre-fall collection. Of course, it's quite possible that she would have worn the outfit regardless of whose name was on the step-and-repeat—Marc Jacobs, the label's designer, is a very good friend of hers. Like, he named a bag after her. Click through to shop her look now.
Emma Watson
Somehow Emma managed to wear a tweedy shift dress in this balmy near-summer weather and make it look effortless. Do you think it's her (has she ever not looked good in anything?), the brand (Chanel, it always works) or the coordinating open-toed shoes (which, bt dubs, are Giuseppe Zanotti)? Whatever it is, this look is awesome. Click through to shop it now.
Chloë Sevigny
Like Sofia, Chloë chose to wear an outfit from Louis Vuitton's pre-fall collection. All soft and powdery, it's totally different from Mrs. Thomas Mars' very structured ensemble, so it's worth trying out both! Click through to shop her look now.
Claire Julien
People who aren't familiar with this up-and-coming actress will surely remember her for this bold Balmain shift. Click through to shop her look now.
Gwen Stefani
Wearing all Balmain except for her sandals (those are Giuseppe Zanotti), No Doubt's leading lady does the harem pants thing even better than Justin Bieber. (Sorry Beliebers, but it's true.) Click through to shop her look now