Nine Bathing Suits You'll Want to Wear to Dinner, Too

I'm into the idea of them, but I've never actually crossed the line and bought a bodysuit. It just seems a little tricky to justify—like, how often am I realllllly going to wear it? And that's precisely why I'm more into thought of buying a fancy, pretty swimsuit that has its own legit purpose (beach, swimming, reading magazines on a lawn chair while painting my nails) but that could also moonlight as a bodysuit, too.

Of course, to do that, the swimsuit's gotta be of a certain ilk: with a cool print or luxe material beyond your basic Speedo blend, without string ties that scream "I really should be at the pool" or hyper-revealing cutouts that'd make you feel weird in a restaurant. These ones below fit the mold, and worn like a clingy bodysuit, they'll give an outfit a shot of sleekness and surprisingness a normal tank top just can't quite do. But if I end up just wearing them as a swimsuit 90 percent of the time? I won't sweat it. That's what they're for.

Wear it with a white blazer and trousers for a Studio 54 pantsuit kind of look.

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