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Wear it with a white blazer and trousers for a Studio 54 pantsuit kind of look.
Tuck it into bright, high-waisted shorts and tan your shoulders while eating lunch outside at that cute new restaurant.
Pair it with an equally elegant lace skirt and a swipe of cherry red lipstick.
Want something fun and sort of different for your next outdoor concert? Wear this. Just tuck it into a pair of cutoffs and go.
Add some chunky gold jewelry to this suit + a skirt, and it'll dress it up enough for drinks and dinner.
An easy way to turn a basic white skirt into a sleek, sporty outfit.
With wide leg pants or a full, tea-length skirt, it'll nail the retro, old Hollywood vibe.
Let it peek out of a slightly boxy, menswear blazer for a sexy, Bond-girl-style contrast.
Print mix it with a blue and white striped skirt or shorts.