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Forget about love and sex: Want to know what you should buy this month, based on your sign? Astrologist Aurora Tower plots your purchases.

Capricorn Shopping Horoscope - December 2012

Gorgeous detailed pants are back on the fashion foreground; highlight both your tender and tough side as you pick the season's best.

Gemini Shopping Horoscope - December 2012

Flirty and feminine styles help you shine this month as you focus on elevating your love life and your professional partnerships.

Cancer Shopping Horoscope - December 2012

Focus on the details to finish the year on a strong note. You'll be well equipped to score top marks in the season's sleekest jackets.

Aries Shopping Horoscope - December 2012

Get out and have fun this month! Experiment with bold styles, especially those that mix bohemian undercurrents with more decadent pieces.

Virgo Shopping Horoscope - December 2012

You are feeling sentimental, so show off your delicate side in glamorous silky pieces. Shades of silver will amp up your romance factor.

Leo Shopping Horoscope - December 2012

Bright and fun accessories are the perfect way to show off your unique personal style this month, as you will be busy reconnecting with old friends.

Taurus Shopping Horoscope - December 2012

Luxe materials and classic, decadent styles in classic neutrals provide the perfect background for your holiday gatherings.

Sagittarius Shopping Horoscope - December 2012

You are having a exciting month—and your love life is heating up, too. Exotic tribal styles show you are ready for adventure!

Scorpio Shopping Horoscope - November 2012

You have been riding a wave and are now at the moment of truth. Put it all on the line in oxblood, the season's most powerful hue.

Libra Shopping Horoscope - November 2012

After all of your birthday-month craziness, you are feeling like keeping a low profile. Indulge in soft, drapey styles with a touch of edge.

Capricorn Shopping Horoscope - November 2012

Reconnect with long-lost friends and neighbors—you never know what opportunities could arise. The sky is the limit in whimsical patterned styles.

Leo Shopping Horoscope - November 2012

You are in the zone at work. Professional, tailored pieces will amp up your confidence and presentation.

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