Shopping Horoscopes!

Forget about love and sex: Want to know what you should buy this month, based on your sign? Astrologist Aurora Tower plots your purchases.

Cancer Shopping Horoscope - November 2012

The more you can get out in nature this month, the better—so pick up on the season's equestrian trend to get you in the mood.

Taurus Shopping Horoscope - November 2012

This is the perfect time of year to find the most flattering dresses, so stock up and get prepared for party season!

Gemini Shopping Horoscope - November 2012

Skulls and bones are having their moment in the spotlight, and will help you tap into your dark side in a fun and fashionable way.

Pisces Shopping Horoscope - November 2012

Fun is your middle name this month! Get out of the house and show off your glamorous side in gold.

Aquarius Shopping Horoscope - November 2012

You are craving cozy downtime at home despite your hectic schedule. Cherish your moments of retreat in luxe knits and layers.

Aries Shopping Horoscope - November 2012

You are all about classic jewelry and accessories this month as you look to accent your favorite fall basics. Search for treasures in unexpected places.

Virgo Shopping Horoscope - November 2012

Don't back down from your plans this month, and go bold with futuristic designs that highlight your streamlined sensibility.

Virgo Shopping Horoscope - October 2012

Focus on lending a hand and watch your popularity soar. Keep the mood upbeat with bright geometrics.

Aries Shopping Horoscope - October 2012

There is a lot of detailed work you must get through this month. Keep focused and comfortable in black and white basics.

Aquarius Shopping Horoscope - October 2012

Sharp, tailored pieces and slim silhouettes show that you mean business this month.

Pisces Shopping Horoscope - October 2012

Pick your favorite of the season's knit statement coats.

Gemini Shopping Horoscope - October 2012

Look for leather and fur (real or fake). They'll keep you feeling strong and comfortable.

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