Shopping Horoscopes!

Forget about love and sex: Want to know what you should buy this month, based on your sign? Astrologist Aurora Tower plots your purchases.

Cancer Shopping Horoscope - October 2012

Your natural glamour shines in this season's rich brocades. Dress like a queen to be treated like one!

Sagittarius Shopping Horoscope - October 2012

Creative inspiration is coming to you in the most unusual forms. Look to the sea and the sky with celestial blues—and let yourself get carried away.

Leo Shopping Horoscope - October 2012

You are a master at mixing comfort and glamour. Stick with soft neutrals and spice up cozy knits with gorgeous jewelry.

Capricorn Shopping Horoscope - October 2012

You are having fun with your friends this month. Lapis jewelry and cobalt blue pieces will suit you perfectly.

Libra Shopping Horoscope - October 2012

Try spicing up your autumn basics with beautiful jewels. Bib necklaces make a sophisticated statement.

Scorpio Shopping Horoscope - October 2012

You are feeling strong, confident and determined. Animal prints put you in touch with your sexy side.

Aries Shopping Horoscope - September 2012

You are focused on a goal and little will get in your way. The season's best coats could be your only distraction.

Taurus Shopping Horoscope - September 2012

The delicate balance between tough and tender will help you get your way in style.

Gemini Shopping Horoscope - September 2012

Convey your determination at the office with black basics with structural details and hints of opulence.

Cancer Shopping Horoscope - September 2012

This is an active month for you. Bright pieces and metallics magnify your natural radiance.

Leo Shopping Horoscope - September 2012

You are focused on your family and home life. Embrace the season's nostalgic nautical theme.

Virgo Shopping Horoscope - September 2012

You could make some important connections this month, so get out there and socialize. Add sparkle with fun accessories to enliven your mood.

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