Shopping Horoscopes!

Forget about love and sex: Want to know what you should buy this month, based on your sign? Astrologist Aurora Tower plots your purchases.

Scorpio Shopping Horoscope - September 2012

Things are going your way. Capitalize on the momentum with a fabulous coat and the season's hottest plaids.

Sagittarius Shopping Horoscope - September 2012

This season's luxe pajama pants are perfect for your mellow mood—they're fun, yet relaxed.

Capricorn Shopping Horoscope - September 2012

Don't head for your for dark fall items just yet. Bright colors and graphic details will suit your busy social schedule.

Aquarius Shopping Horoscope - September 2012

Attention is coming your way so dress for success—and comfort—in the season's hottest shearling biker jackets and business basics.

Pisces Shopping Horoscope - September 2012

This month, Navajo- and Indian-inspired styles will allow you to escape—no matter where you are.

Aries Shopping Horoscope - August 2012

Look for flattering reds and oranges that allow you to be both comfortable and dramatic at the same time.

Aquarius Shopping Horoscope - August 2012

Your love life is heating up and you are feeling very romantic and playful.

Scorpio Shopping Horoscope - August 2012

Send the right messages by mixing work basics with bright accents and hints of gold.

Pisces Shopping Horoscope - August 2012

Support a good work routine by picking a warm weather uniform comprised of crisp white with gold accents.

Libra Shopping Horoscope - August 2012

Your social calendar is in overdrive. This season's deep jewel tones bring out the best parts of your personality.

Leo Shopping Horoscope - August 2012

Your playful side is on full display, so have fun with wild prints and exciting accessories.

Taurus Shopping Horoscope - August 2012

Surround yourself in cozy knits and classic summer styles for a wonderful nostalgic effect.

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