Shopping Horoscopes!

Forget about love and sex: Want to know what you should buy this month, based on your sign? Astrologist Aurora Tower plots your purchases.

Cancer Shopping Horoscope - August 2012

Now is an ideal time to find investment pieces for your wardrobe. Look for sumptuous materials and luxurious accessories.

Virgo Shopping Horoscope - August 2012

Select cozy pieces in soft colors and textures that remind you of a warm embrace.

Sagittarius Shopping Horoscope - August 2012

Embrace tribal flair and you will find adventure and fun wherever you go.

Gemini Shopping Horoscope - August 2012

Your very busy schedule means that you needs versatile pieces that give you a jolt of energy via color.

Cancer Shopping Horoscope - July 2012

You are on a creative roll, so pick playful styles but stick to neutral and metallic colors.

Leo Shopping Horoscope - July 2012

Your social life is buzzing. Embrace saturated hues and bold pieces—the brighter the better.

Virgo Shopping Horoscope - July 2012

Make over your work wardrobe with tribal accents that will pair nicely with conservative classics.

Libra Shopping Horoscope - July 2012

Take some style risks by choosing more bohemian and flowy styles than you normally wear.

Scorpio Shopping Horoscope - July 2012

Lighten up with summer's favorite shade, blue, and feel your spirits rise.

Sagittarius Shopping Horoscope - July 2012

You will be socializing frequently this month. Bright prints are ideal to keep you energized.

Capricorn Shopping Horoscope - July 2012

Look for detailed pieces with unique accents and architectural cutouts to add to your business attire.

Aquarius Shopping Horoscope - July 2012

Be prepared for excitement and adventure with easy, sporty pieces that let you shine.

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