amsterdam shopping guide


Mellow cafés, family-owned bakeries, and a batch of quaint boutiques elbow up against one another along this free-spirited residential stretch. Its name translates as "The Great Adventure."

Het Grote Avonturr

Het Grote Avontuur is a bilevel spot loaded with amusing trinkets from all over the world, including Russian nesting dolls and tasseled chiffon Chinese lanterns.
Haarlemmerstraat 25, 31-20-626-85-97 for more information

Products: Accessories, Decorative/Lighting, Tabletop, Gifts/Design
Type of Store: Boutique

Design Shop & K Centraal

Design shop & K Centraal, a year-old offshoot of & Klevering Zuid, has a more expansive collection of creative odds and ends than its sister shop (our picks: ceramic chicken eggcups and appliquéd patchwork hangers).
Haarlemmerstraat 8, 31-20-422-27-08

Products: Accessories, Decorative/Lighting, Tabletop
Type of Store: Boutique


Organic-cotton tees, jeans, and numerous takes on the hoodie provide enough incentive to visit Nukuhiva, but perhaps most inspiring is that much of the proceeds from the sales of said items go to charity.
Haarlemmerstraat 36, 31-20-420-94-83 for more information

Products: Denim, Women's Clothing, Accessories
Type of Store: Boutique


And thrifty vintage fans should swing through Wini for bags, shoes, and sweaters largely priced under $50.
Haarlemmerstraat 29, 31-20-421-93-93

Products: Denim, Women's Clothing, Vintage, Bags, Jewelry, Shoes, Accessories
Type of Store: Boutique