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Armadale, Prahan, & South Yarra

Chamber Maid

Chamber Maid is the best of the boutiques in the bedroom community of Armadale, with its gamine-chic stock (look for lacy Arabella Ramsay tunics and Kate Hurst poet blouses) and parlor-like interior, gracefully wainscoted and illuminated by giant chandeliers.
1052 High St. ARMADALE 61-3-9576-0529


This spot is an always reliable resource for a dose of days-gone-by femininity, like boatneck tops and candy-striped bikinis.
248 Chapel St. PRAHRAN 61-3-9510-1151


Mellow and inviting, this beauty emporium offers a panoply of hard-to-find grooming goods from around the globe. The house brand features beachy products: sheer lip balm, body lotion packed with skin-conditioning extracts from obscure Australian plants, and nail polish ingeniously custom-blended to match your Havaianas.
530 Chapel St. SOUTH YARRA 61-3-9827-5988


This beloved chain consistently hits the mark when it comes to cute tops, tunics, and other must-have-now off-the-runway buys.
516 Chapel St. SOUTH YARRA 61-3-9804-7077