Joséphine De La Baume's Guide To Paris

Joséphine de La Baume—designer muse, singer and star of indie hit Listen Up Philip—tells us where to drink, eat and dance in the City of Light.


It’s nice to spend an afternoon walking around the Palais-Royal gardens. If you go during the weekend, there’s a string orchestra. You can’t get more Paris or romantic than that. Afterward get a coffee or fresh juice at Café Kitsuné nearby. 51 Galerie Montpensier, +33-1-40-15-62-31


To shop, I head to L’Eclaireur. There are a few of them in the city, but my favorite is in the Marais. It looks like a big industrial loft, and it sells everything from furniture to art to clothing. I buy a lot of men’s shirts there. <i>40 rue de Sévigné, +33-1-48-87-10-22</i>

Castor Club

For drinks, I like the cocktail bar Castor Club. It’s been kind of a secret until now. Downstairs there’s a cave where you can dance. Upstairs it looks a bit like a Swedish sauna. 14 rue Hautefeuille, +33-9-50-64-99-38

Le Richer

One of the best restaurants is Le Richer. It’s one of those places where the menu changes every day—I had the most amazing pork with honey once. It’s quite elaborate without being pretentious; gourmet but still affordable. 2 rue Richer

Chez Jeannette

In the 10th, everyone goes to lunch at Chez Jeannette. It’s a very classically Parisian café, and it plays good music because all the studios in the neighborhood give it their records. 47 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, +33-1-47-70-30-89


A trip to this pea-size hosiery store—the Japanese brand's first French branch—is the most delightful route to a refreshed sock drawer. Pick from a Pantone array of cotton and cashmere options and--my favorite part--have pairs embroidered with a monogram.

15 Rue Vieille du Temple (4th arr.), plus other locations, 33-1-4278-2038,


I love an English-style schoolgirl satchel and—strangely—no one does them better than this heritage French handbag company. Shapes and colors range widely at the flagship—from plaid and messenger to flannel and cross-body—but they’re all consistently affordable.

5 rue St.-Benoît (6th arr.), 


Though aimed at chic youngsters (my teenage daughters go nuts for the floral tie-strap tops and distressed denim cutoffs) the nouveau bohemian wear 
here has been known to make mothers—myself included—go nuts too.

88 rue Bonaparte (6th arr.), 33-1-4634-1933,

Roses Costes Dani Roses

Cult rocker–turned-florist Dani recently opened this, her third flower shop, within the famed Hôtel Costes. She spends most of her time at this moodily lit location, creating brilliant rose-centric arrangements that transform any occasion into a special one.

239 rue St.-Honoré (1st arr.), 33-1-4244-5009,

Roger Vivier

Inspired by Vivier's mantra—"all that is beautiful can go together"—I outfitted the store with Picasso paintings, blush pink walls and velvety flea market sofas. Customers who come for the pilgrim buckle flats and glossy leather handbags have asked if the decor hails from Vivier's own former living room—and to me, there is no higher compliment.

29 rue du Faubourg St.-Honoré (8th arr.), 33-1-5343-0085,


As famous for its owner (the great Parisian vintage dealer Françoise Auguet) as it is for its stellar designer clothing from decades past, this packed shop features '30s silk chiffon gowns and Dior dresses that aren't cheap but come in near-pristine condition.

23 rue de l'Echaudé (6th arr.), 33-1-5624-0036

Pierre Barboza

Founded in 1934, this antique jewelry dealer is one of the oldest vendors on the elegant rue Saint-Honoré and a favorite amongst the city's most elegant matriarchs, who come for 1830s heirlooms and impeccably restored pieces that glitter with newly added stones.

356 rue St.-Honoré (1st arr.), 33-1-4260-6708,

Palais Royal Serge Lutens

Perfumer Lutens designed his own house of beauty, outfitting the 15th-century Palais Royal space with glowing purple marble floors, a grand central spiral staircase and intricate celestial stenciling. Go for his playful fragrances (I enjoy the spicy Ambre Sultan) or simply to take in all the opulence.

Jardins du Palais Royal, 142 Galerie de Valois (1st arr.), 33-1-4927-0909,


Wanting to impress a visiting posh American fashion editor, I whipped up a shopping itinerary composed entirely of the city's fanciest stores. Imagine my delight when, instead, she insisted we head straight to this super-affordable, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-style chain for fistfuls of faux-diamond bangles and menswear that looks better on us.

21 Ave. de l'Opéra (1st arr.), 33-1-4261-7808,


What was once a textile factory is now a light-filled, 6,000-square-foot charitable shop filled with an eclectic mix of clothing, stationery, home goods, gardening tools and more, all of it gorgeously designed and contributed by its makers. Sales of everything from Marni and Stella McCartney tops to '30s-inspired light switches benefit a youth co-op in Madagascar.

111 Blvd. Beaumarchais (3rd. arr.), 33-1-4277-0033,

Nessim Attal

Choose the leather and color and this old-school shoemaker will craft you any made-to-measure pair you like, from open-toe T-straps to gladiator sandals. Design wisely—and early: The shops waiting list spikes as soon as the temperature does (I've ordered pairs as early as December).

122 rue d'Assas (6th arr.), 33-1-4634-5233

Marie-Hélène De Taillac

Ultra-luxe bohemian jewelry may sound like an oxymoron, but 
Madame de Taillac pulls it off with rock-candy-colored tourmaline rings and rubellite drop earrings designed in India and displayed in her shop’s mirrored cases amidst lipstick-red velvet couches and spherical chrome chandeliers.

8 rue de Tournon 
(6th arr.), 33-1-4427-0707, mariehelene


Twenty years after its opening, the Middle Eastern bazaar–meets–Saint-Tropez looks at this sophisticated Lebanese boutique still captivate. Find the summery (pastel leather sandals, lithe embroidered tunics), the decorative (pounded silver vases) and the sumptuously luxurious (metallic fabric cushions, silk duvets).

8 rue St.-Sulpice (6th arr.), 33-1-4326-0740


There is no menu at L’Entrecôte. It offers only steak, but it’s the best on the planet. It’s served with a salad, fries and dessert. They do not take reservations, and it is the only place I will ever stand in line for. – by Anne McNally, contributing editor at CoutureLab

20 rue Saint-Benôit, plus other locations, 33-1-4549-1600,

Khadi and Co.

Spun from khadi (a cotton-like Indian textile), Danish designer Bess Nielsen's blankety scarves and featherweight tunics are carried by such forward-thinking retailers as Barneys. But only here is the collection available in its exquisite entirety.

37 rue Debelleyme (3rd arr.), 33-1-4274-7132,

Journal Standard Luxe

Bare nails as hooks, tree branch clothing racks and partially whitewashed brick walls perfectly mirror the rustic, lived-in feel of this Japanese import’s stock, including faded boyfriend jeans and muted striped tees plus boiled-wool cardigans from in-house line Roots.

Jardins du Palais Royal, 10-12 Galerie de Montpensier (1st arr.), 33-1-4020-9083,

Kerstin Adolphson

In summer, I slip on a pair of the shop's painted clogs; in winter, I cozy up in the chunky knit sweaters; but the real standouts at this tiny Swedish boutique are the natural leather cross-body bags. All year round, people stop me on the street to ask where I bought mine.

157 Blvd. St.-Germain (6th arr.), 33-1-4548-0014,

Jeanne Danjou Et Rousselet

A legendary legacy (the founder is Parisian costume jeweler Louis Rousselet’s daughter) and majestic Pont Neuf view mean 
this costume jewelry outpost is as full of history as it is of vintage-inspired Sévigné pearl drop earrings and papier-mâché bead necklaces.

15 Place du Pont Neuf (1st arr.), 33-1-4354-9932,

Karry Berreby

For the coolest vintage jewelry, visit Karry Berreby. She has a very specific, stylish eye. You go to her house in the very fashionable Eighth Arrondissement and choose your piece. I got my incredible Balenciaga cuff from her, as well as a gold necklace from the ’30s. She makes her own unique jewelry too. – By Anne McNally, contributing editor at CoutureLab

By appointment only, 33-1-778-25-27-50,

Isabel Marant

Her name? Globally synonymous with "bohemian cool." Her embroidered smock dresses and eclectic knits? Coveted by style arbiters worldwide. Still, there's something about the contemporary, understated Saint-Germain outpost of Ms. Marant's internationally beloved line that feels so distinctly French.

1 rue Jacob (6th arr.), plus other locations, 33 1-4326-0412,

Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli’s boutique is the epitome of luxury. Its pale pink walls, mirrored tables and 17th-century pillars make you think you’re in a couture salon. It seems appropriate, given that his ready-to-wear collection fits as if it were custom-made. – By Anne McNally, contributing editor at CoutureLab

30 rue Boissy d’Anglas, 33-1-4017-0588,

George Hogg

There's no sign outside this new boutique (I was led here by a savvy journalist friend), but inside, a kaleidoscopic collection of crazily affordable Shetland sweaters (30 euros for a navy or blush pink pullover) guarantees this young label—a Benetton-backed venture—won't stay a Left Bank secret for long.

78 rue de Grenelle (7th arr.)

Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Mere yards from the Tuileries, this narrow, ultra-modern fragrance destination (white surfaces, chrome, lots of glass) offers scents for all occasions plus fun, blowable pear-scented bubbles and laundry soap that smells so heavenly it makes washing my sweaters actually enjoyable. 

5 rue d'Alger (1st arr.), 33-1-4260-0707


Top designers routinely cruise this glamorous, three-story vintage spot—bursting with floral-print A-line dresses, crystal-encrusted brooches and patent pumps from the '30s through '70s—for runway inspiration.

73 rue de Rochechouart (9th arr.), 33-1-4282-0998


This accessories hot spot's gilded display cases are laden with of-the-moment, everyday jewelry I want to wear right now, like bejeweled woven friendship bracelets, bow-shaped stud earrings and stackable gold and colored-stone rings. I always leave with a sparkly little something.

104 rue Vieille du Temple (3rd arr.), 33-9-5315-8334,

La Paresse

Given its name ("lovely idleness"), it's not surprising that this dreamy store induces in me a desire to trade in my heels for its fluffy sheepskin slippers, slink into some of its cashmere pajamas, cocoon myself in its soft linen sheets and succumb to absolute indolence.

97 rue du Bac (7th arr.), 33-1-4222-6410


Before a vacation, I dash to Fragonard. They have a pretty selection of little embroidered pouches to hold your shoes, lingerie, bathing suits and God-knows-what.

196 Blvd. Saint-Germain, plus other locations, 33-1-4284-1212,

Editions De Parfums Frederic Malle

Known in the industry as "the nose," scent genius Malle oversees four lab-like Paris perfumeries offering his sleekly bottled fragrances, home scents and innovative olfactory gadgets. At the crimson-shelved Mont Thabor locale, I recently picked up the Fleurs Mécanique perfume diffuser—a beautifully crafted machine that makes my house smell wonderful.

21 rue du Mont Thabor (1st arr.), plus other locations, 33-1-4222-1689,

Cire Trudon

I spend my mortgage at Cire Trudon. Its candles come in the most amazing colors (I like the green, pink and yellow ones) and scents, like Mademoiselle de la Valliere, a sensual tuberose inspired by Louis XIV’s mistress. I try to have these fragrances in all of my homes. – By Anne McNally, contributing editor at CoutureLab

78 rue de Seine, 33-1-4326-4650,

Complément d'objet

The place for retro lighting from the '30s to the '80s, with prices starting at 150 euros. Recently spotted: 
a '60s chrome-and-
bubble fixture 
that transported me straight back to childhood.

11 rue Jean-Pierre-Timbaud (11th arr.), 33-1-4357-0928,

Ciao Bella

The combat-boot-wearing, punk-tutu-rocking rebellious little sister to ever-popular (and more traditional) kids' chain Zef comes complete with rad fuchsia neon signage and little girl fare that's at once very Material Girl–era Madonna and age-appropriately playful.

14 rue du Pré aux Clercs (7th arr.), 33-1-4548-2454,

Chez Sarah

Upon arriving at Les Puces de Saint-Ouen (a must-hit, 17-acre, Saturday-to-Monday antiques and flea market), I zip straight to my friend Sarah Rozenbaum’s whimsical little stall of vintage treasures. Her collection ('30s feathered stoles, patterned A-line dresses from the '50s) never ever disappoints.

27 rue Lécuyer (18th arr.), Saint-Ouen, 33-6-0801-8089,


On a narrow passageway in the Sixth sits this just-under-the-radar boutique owned and operated by two talented friends named Delphine. Their exclusive designs (one creates edgy jewelry, the other slouchy leather totes and boots) are the shop's main draw, and a well-tailored rack of simple Laurence Doligé and Hartford clothing rounds out the effortlessly cool mix.

5 rue de Condé (6th arr.), 33-1-4325-3795

Ban Sabai

The best foot massage outside of Thailand is at Ban Sabai. You sit in a huge armchair and you feel like you’re in a temple, but you’re really in the Marais. I’m lucky—this place is right next door to my house.

12 rue de Lesdiguières, 33-1-4271-3710,

Caravane Chambre 19

Troll Caravane's exotic-contemporary home furnishings—overstuffed sofas topped with punchy pillows, fluffy daybeds paired with cashmere throws, bed linens in unexpected colors—and try to resist the urge to move in.

19 rue St.-Nicholas (12th arr.), plus other locations, 33-1-5302-9696,

Au Petit Bonheur La Chance

Cozy and cluttered, this vintage kitchenware spot stocks treasures like '50s checkered 
linens and colorful café au lait bowls that I scoop up by the mismatched dozen. 

13 rue St.-Paul (4th arr.), 33-1-4274-363

Astier de Villatte

The most gorgeous tableware is at Astier de Villatte. One of its best pieces is this little ceramic saucer with a heart painted on it, which you can use to store your jewelry or whatever. I’d put them all over the house if I could, but they’re not cheap. – By Anne McNally, contributing editor at CoutureLab

173 rue St.-Honoré, 33-1-4260-7413,

Art Up Deco

Art shopping has never been as unintimidating as it 
is at this gallery for fresh talent (keep your eyes peeled for the next Braque), where color-saturated landscapes and abstracts are stacked warehouse-style and priced as low as 60 euros.

39 Blvd. Malesherbes (8th arr.), plus other locations, 33-1-4336-4795,


Its signature wellies are a Parisian rainy-day staple (I own pairs in both classic brown and black), but this enduring French line's sporty, bi-level emporium also sells utilitarian-chic all-weather apparel, including Crayola-hued trenches and khaki cargo vests that couldn't be cuter. 

139 Blvd. St.-Germain (6th arr.), 33-1-4633-2623,


This tiny jewelry shop shares the minimalist aesthetic of its Saint-Germain art gallery neighbors, but here the objets d'art consist of Indian-inspired wearables: gold snake-head cuffs, smoky quartz pendant necklaces and cotton thread bracelets.

54 rue Jacob (6th arr.), 33-1-4703-0718,