An Easy, Brilliant Last-Minute Gift for a Guy

The perfect stocking stuffer!

My Favorite Gift to Give: Archie Grand (For Friend & Foe)

These notebooks are perfect gifts for actors, architects, hipsters, politicians, secret agents, fashionistas—basically everyone you may ever hope to k…

What Fashion's Internet Insiders Want for Christmas

You'll want it all, too.

Dainty Jewelry: The New Statement Piece

Click through shop my favorite dainty lines.

3D Nail Art: Awesome or Tacky? (Or Both!)

If you do it the ASOS way, it is actually pretty cool.

Make Room for Fashion: Mom Jewelry

Personalized jewelry featuring your child's name or birthstone is still really cute.

What to Wear UNDER Your Holiday Dress

Do you have the right bra for your party dress?

10 Comfortable(!!!) Statement Boots You Need to Own Now

Trust me. These boots will change your life.

10 Gifts for the Design-Obsessed

For those who have specific, and often exquisite taste.

Two Lingerie Companies You Have Probably Never Heard of—but Should!

Lingerie lines Xirena and Gypsy are playfully pretty.

What I'm Shopping For: Fisherman Sweaters

I think I've found the one.

Travel Accessories: Cuter Than Ever!

There are so many good options now.

Gift Guide: Instagram Fanatic

For your friend who's always snapping away on their phone.

This Week I Want to Look Like: Amanda Seyfried

She is basically wearing nothing I would normally own, but she looks so damn good I want it all now.

Three Classic Winter Boots for Every Kind of Weather

How to look cute when it's gross outside.

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