How To Bundle Up Like A Street Style Star

When the weather’s a mess, FLS.

F stands for fur, L for leather and S for shearling. Not only are these three materials perhaps the warmest ones on earth, but they’re instant street style bait, too. Pile on one or more when the temperatures drop—and yes, faux fur is every bit as insulating and captivating as the real deal. Click through to shop the look.

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Senior Digital Editor

In case you haven't noticed, it's cold outside. Extraordinarily, worthy-of-a-futuristic-weather-term (#polarvortex!) cold outside. And when the wind chill's so extreme that you lose all feeling in your nose, fingers and toes after just 10 minutes spent outdoors, it can be difficult to put much thought or effort into putting together a cute outfit. Simply put, staying warm takes precedence over setting trends.

But that's not the way it has to be! In fact, there are ways to bundle up and stay warm without sacrificing style in the process. For help, we turned to some of our favorite street style stars and culled the best tips and tricks from the way they dress themselves when temperatures plummet—and now, we're sharing those same stay-toasty tidbits with you. Click through above to learn how to bundle up like a street style star—and to shop picks that correspond to each individual lesson.


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