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There are ways to stay warm without sacrificing style in the process. Click through to learn how to bundle up like a street style star—and to shop picks that correspond to each individual lesson.
When the weather’s a mess, FLS.
F stands for fur, L for leather and S for shearling. Not only are these three materials perhaps the warmest ones on earth, but they’re instant street style bait, too. Pile on one or more when the temperatures drop—and yes, faux fur is every bit as insulating and captivating as the real deal. Click through to shop the look.
Work those winter whites.
Scientists and style experts are still trying to determine why layers upon layers of white cold-weather clothing look so darn good. Click through to shop the look.
Twice the outerwear = twice the fun.
One coat’s warm; two is positively toasty. Layer a longer, heavier coat under a shorter, thinner one, and you've got the makings of a major look. Belting the innermost coat or heavy jacket will help define your waist and give you shape. And as a helpful hint, a fluffy fur jacket always works as an inner layer. Click through to shop the look.
When it comes to your scarf, go big or go home.
Not only does a huge scarf (fur, knit, cashmere or otherwise) work wonders in the insulation department, but it also frames your face and adds instant drama. If one's not enough, try twisting together two scarves in complementary or contrasting colors! Click through to shop the look.
Choose a colorful coat.
Whether you choose one that's crimson, cobalt or (my personal favorite) color-blocked, a piece of shout-out-loud outerwear will serve as the anchor of your entire outfit. Truly, you can get away with an otherwise lacking ensemble (lots of black, pilled sweaters, forgettable footwear etc.) if your coat game's strong. Click through to shop the look.
Borrow from the boys.
Ever notice how when it gets really freezing outside, guys don't seem to be quite as miserable about it? Part of the reason why is that menswear inherently involves more clothing. Think about it: if you're wearing a three-piece suit over a long-sleeved shirt, plus a coat, plus a hat, plus a scarf…that's a lot of layers right there. Why not give it a go? Click through to shop the look.
Don't fear the puffer.
Face it: there are some days so bone-chillingly cold that the much-maligned puffer is your only option. Don't despair! If you choose wisely and pick one in a fun color or print, your down jacket can become an integral, awesome part of your outfit. Consider our own Eva Chen's silver version, which makes me smile every time she wears it. Click through to shop the look.
Make your coat do double duty as a dress.
On days when you're running around like crazy and likely won't spend more than 15 minutes indoors at any one place, why not belt your coat and turn it into the base of your look? For a sleek, editor-esque ensemble, try opaque black tights, a chunky black turtleneck and heels underneath. Click through to shop the look.
Go long.
With your coat, I mean. Opting for maxi-length outerwear is smart for two reasons: not only is it undeniably dramatic (just imagine those sweeping entrances and exits you'll make), but it also gives you a little more leeway when it comes to what you wear underneath. Don't feel like wearing two pairs of tights at once, or resorting to tall boots? A hip-length coat would leave you no choice—but with an ankle-length one on, you might even be able to go bare-legged. You know, if that's your thing. Click through to shop the look.
Consider a cape.
You know what's not fun? Pulling on a super-thick, chunky sweater and then trying to squeeze yourself into your usual overcoat. Thanks to its roomy, generously-cut silhouette, a cape won't limit the number of layers you're able to pile underneath. Click through to shop the look.
Top things off with a statement-making hat.
Think of your hat as a stylish exclamation point and go bold. You have to wear one anyway to stay warm, so why not make it a fashionable focal point? Bright beanies, fur trapper caps and anything with cat ears ought to turn heads. Click through to shop the look.
Embrace the over-the-knee boot.
I couldn't be happier about the fact that thigh-high boots have been all over recent runways, because those suckers are warm. Warmer than leather pants, even, since you usually wear them over tights or with second-skin denim tucked in. If you don't yet own a pair, I suggest you get on that, stat. Click through to shop the look.
If all else fails, fall back on a great bag and/or jewelry.
Seriously, nobody will notice you're wearing the same black peacoat and beat-up boots you've owned for years if you've got an incredible bag and stacks of shimmering bracelets on your arm. Promise. Click through to shop the look.