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Take a lightweight summer dress and layer a warm turtleneck under it.

Yes, white jeans after labor day are happening. So cute with a metallic knit thrown over a button-down.

You wouldn't think that the person who owns this rocker tee would also have a nerdy, green cardigan. But I do!

A chunky knit goes a long way with the girliest skirt ever made.

This collegiate, preppy striped skirt looks a thousand times cooler with a fun print tee.

There are two things happening here. A vintage sweatshirt tones down this crazy print. I also mixed two different leopard prints (check out the shoes!) for an extra magpie feel.

Even a teensy miniskirt can look demure with the right Peter Pan collar.

The lightweight knit and springy floral print are somehow perfect for fall when paired with this peacoat.

For this one, I took some really baggy jeans and balanced them out with a fitted peplum jacket.