does this outfit work?

december 2008

Marri Milcarek, 24, has a go-to work combination: a sleek dress and bold heels, worn with an oversize sweater to keep her warm. Here's what we did to help her get the elegant/
comfortable mix exactly right.

- Cinched the cardigan with a skinny belt.

- Added sheer brown tights.

- Changed her leopard-print heels to nude pumps.

"Marri needed a look that was a little more shapely—she's got a great figure," said fashion news director Jen Ford. "Her sweater was thin enough that we could just top it off with a belt around her waist, which shows off her curves. Adding subtle brown tights and swapping out her printed shoes for neutral ones not only balanced the bright red of the dress, but it also elongated her legs."

Marri's reaction: "I've thought of trying a belt with this outfit before but wasn't sure about the size or color: This one's just right. And though I've never worn nude heels before, I like how your attention goes to my dress now—not my feet."

The pieces we chose:


Leather, $77, Robert Rodriguez,


Nylon blend, $12, Assets by Sara Blakely,


Suede, $160, Banana Republic

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