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Day One

"I wore this to go out for drinks with a friend in the West Village on a weirdly warm winter day."
Day Two

"A quiet night in: A couple of friends came over and I made us all dinner. It felt appropriately hostess-y."
Day Three

"A friend of mine works at the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center, and he invited me for a Wednesday night show. I'd never been to an opera before and I used it as an excuse to dress up as much as possible!"
Day Four

"On my way to dinner with my boyfriend. He proposed afterward! If I had known, I would have dressed much more fancy!"
Day Five

"Out to brunch in Brooklyn with a friend."
Day Six

"I wore this to dinner and then to a friend's benefit in Bushwick, Brooklyn."
Day Seven

"Going to a loft birthday party in Williamsburg."