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Day One
"I wore this sundress out to dinner with my sister at Vinegar Hill House in Dumbo."
Day Two
"Weekend wear! Everything in this outfit is grass-stain-friendly. I was headed to the Williamsburg farmers' market, followed by a picnic in McGolrick Park."
Day Three
"This is what I have on most days: dark pants, a printed T-shirt, and sneakers. My friends from the band Bear in Heaven gave me this top—it's their record cover and my favorite article of clothing at the moment."
Day Four
"I was out for a concert uptown and wanted to wear lots of silk!"
Day Five
"I picked this tiger-print tunic, cutout leggings, and platforms for a night of sweaty dancing and partying. It's all very comfortable, and very washable!"
Day Six
"A 'sensible' outfit perfect for dinner with older family friends and gallery- or museum-going. These oxfords are the most comfortable heeled shoes I've ever worn."
Day Seven
"The best thing in my closet: an oversize, hooded plaid flannel vest—total '90s nostalgia! I'm sure this looks like I stole it from Jordan Catalano, but I love love love it anyway. Hopefully the Uniqlo skinnies, white tee, and '60s Lucite necklace keep me from looking too much like an extra from an Alice in Chains video shoot."