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Outside the Acne head office in Stockholm. This was the warmest day of my trip. It's been such a cold summer out there! The cardigan is Acne and is my favorite. It's cotton and easy to wash and take care of. The print is a mix between real snake and a digital print. Cutoff shorts barely peeking out, and Alexander Wang shoe/sandals (I'm not sure what category they fit into, actually).
Just something elegant and understated for a Monday morning in the office. These are Topshop and totally impossible to walk in. I wear them at my desk, and even then it's tricky. I added the socks because I thought it was funny.
This is actually around 10 pm. The sun never really goes down during the summer in Sweden. It's so weird! I was going out to meet a friend in Söder, the southern part of Stockholm. I'm wearing my standard cutoffs, a black leather fringed jacket, and my favorite black Acne booties. I've had these bad boys for five years and they are still going strong. The leopard socks are just for kicks. I'm drinking 7-Eleven coffee because 7-Eleven is the only place that sells coffee in the enormous "American" sizes I'm accustomed to.
In beautiful Stockholm! I'm standing outside the Vasa Museum, which houses a massive wooden ship that sunk on its maiden voyage in 1628. It was pulled out of the harbor in Stockholm, and is beautifully preserved! This was a cold day. I'm wearing my "Fairy Skirt," which is vintage and was actually floor length when I found it. I cut it short in my hotel room with a pair of nail scissors. Quite a professional job, if I do say so!
Heading into our NYC office, in Chelsea. I love our neighborhood and our building. I'm wearing denim shorts…again. This shirt is actually a vintage men's silk style that I cut in half. Everything is better shorter, right?
The shoes are Acne+Lanvin—a collaboration we have been doing for a few seasons now. They are denim with a wood heel: super-classy and special. The bag is Want Les Essentiels de la Vie, which is my all-time favorite bag line, based in Montreal. I died when I saw the color. It is perfect for work, play, whatever.
Working it hard in the showroom! I'm taking a break from my standard denim cutoffs and wearing blue wool tailored shorts. The shirt is actually a men's style from the SS11 Acne collection…come and get it, boys. The shoes are one of my favorite pairs. They are tough and huge, but so comfy. I can work all day in these.
I'm sitting in front of the denim wall in our showroom. These white Acne jeans are called KEX, and again, I'm in a men's shirt from next season's collection. I love this pale gray color. The shoes are Dieppa Restrepo men's jazz shoes from Mexico that I found at Steven Alan a year ago. I can't get enough of them. Oh, and that's my attempt at a braid. I'm trying to learn.
Again, I'm at work. This is my favorite ballerina dress! I add the T-shirt and flats for daytime, but I would wear it out with heels for night. I love this peachy color because it makes me feel pretty and like a lady.