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Here I am hanging with a friend in NYC. I love this piece because my mother always wore similar jean jumpers when she was hanging with her girlfriends. I bought it from a vintage store in Las Vegas—a woman I met randomly at a casino invited me to the shop and lo and behold it was HEAVEN! I've purchased some of my best finds here. This cost me just $12.50.
This is my "lounge look" (aka my dog-walking attire). The ruffled tank is girly, the maxi dress is boho-sexy, and the boots are nicely tomboyish.
I love this top. It's lightweight with a built-in scarf that you can either fashion into a hood or just let hang. The skirt is so flowy—I can't get over the way it moves when I walk.
I was running late to meet a friend for lunch in Central Park. She told me to wear a dress—this one, from All Saints, was a new purchase.
This shot was taken on a girls' night out in Los Angeles. I had just broken up with a boyfriend and the night was very young. The pants are from Forever 21 and the tank is Stella McCartney.
Here I am in L.A. at a house party in the "funny room." Everyone is invited to go inside and write on the walls—and what's scribbled there always makes me laugh. I'm wearing a Diesel one-piece and a Ted Baker leather jacket and hat.
I'm running across the street in St. John, England, in a Topshop one-piece. I was taking a quick tour before heading out to the airport.