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In front of my shop, Artstring, wearing naturally distressed jeans, layered tanks, and a backless hand-dyed sweater (my own design and construction). The Fawn Rogers belt, one of my best local finds, is a giant amethyst set in silver on a distressed leather base.
At the shop working on a patchwork dress wearing black stiletto boots, skinny stretch jeans, layered tanks (again!), and a lacy vintage button-up. I'm a terrible shopper, but I loooove going to thrift stores. Where else can you find a perfect little black dress, a pair of fabulous vintage Lanvin pumps, a new home for my fish (Baloo), and a workout video from the '80s all in one place and for about $20?
Heading out to the shop on a particularly chilly L.A. morning. It's not often that it gets cold enough to justify wearing my favorite Chulo Pony coat, so I jump at the chance anytime the sun hides for too long. I made the dress out of layers of stretch jersey for a wedding, and now usually hike it up and pair it with boots for a more casual look.
At home in front of my player piano wearing a navy-and-red A-line minidress and hand-dyed knit leg warmers. Every time I wear these someone asks if I'm a dancer. I always have a moment of being very pleased with myself—I must LOOK like a dancer, I must seem very poised today, I must be moving around Rite-Aid with such grace!—until I realize, nope, it's just that leg warmers are an accessory which most of the population left behind with the last episode of Fame.
Grabbing some yarn at the top of the 17-foot yarn wall in the middle of my shop wearing stiletto boots (yikes, I'm predictable), tattered stockings, a black tube skirt, layered tanks, and a black crepe camisole with lacy crocheted details. Secret: The shirt is actually from the lingerie department, but when paired with other solid tanks, it's far less inappropriate.
On my balcony at home for a quick cup of coffee and a couple pages of yoga lit before heading out to the shop. I'm wearing stilettos (goodness, this week of photos is making me realize I need new shoes!), skinny jeans, and a knit tunic with string detail (my own design and construction) over layered tanks (shocking!). Nothing beats a few moments of calm before starting the day.
Sometimes there's no one around to take your picture and your trusty iPhone must suffice. Here I am, in the shop (as always!) wearing Kenneth Cole slouchy wedge boots, a simple black tank dress, and a jersey vest with pockets. I love pockets—I do not know why.