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"I move around like crazy on stage, so it's really important that I wear an extremely comfortable shoe. You can't go wrong with a classic white Ked. Plus, they look great with leggings."
"Derek and I are both obsessed with them. At this point we hardly ever take them off."
"I get these leggings shipped all the way from Brisbane, Australia...that's how much I love them! They have the most ridiculously fun designs that really work for stage. Plus, they roll up nice and small in my suitcase."
"Models Own makes vibrant and very durable polish. Lately, I've been into glitter polishes, and this particular color is like wearing Dorothy's ruby red slippers on your nails."
"There is no better way to kill some time backstage than creating masterpieces on your nails. This pen lets me do exactly that. It's amazing how detailed you can get with your designs."
"Nars makes some of my favorite lip products. This particular shade is the perfect blend of pink and peach. It really pops on your lips and stays vibrant for several hours."
"I purchased this eyeliner at Topshop in London. It's consistent with my glitter obsession, goes on smooth and looks great on top of a dramatic black lid."
"I wore this ring for the first time during our performance at the MTV Woodie Awards, and I plan on wearing it for many more shows to come!"

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"I don't put much in my hair, but this is definitely an everyday necessity on the road. In addition to volume, it's great for keeping your hair looking fresh on days when you don't shampoo."
"You can't get more '80s than this jacket. I purchased it in a thrift store and have worn it pretty religiously ever since. It has a little of Derek's blood on it from when I pushed him out of a car for our "Rill Rill" video, but I think the stain adds to its charm!"

Check out Etsy, which is chock-full of awesomely acid-washed denim jackets from the '80s.