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"I wear this belt nearly every show."

"I bought this on a whim on Marylebone High Street as something I would treasure forever. I can wear it with pretty much anything—it makes anything look a bit more glam, which is great when you haven't got many options to wear."

"After shows my face feels dirty with makeup and sweat, especially in the smaller venues, so it feels good to get back to the bus and smooth it away. Sometimes you need something alcohol-based, especially on tour when you don't always get a chance to keep washing your face all the time."

"People kept telling me how good this stuff was but I was skeptical because of how expensive it is. I took a gamble and bought it—best decision I've made. My skin is absolutely incredible now, and you really need a good moisturizer on tour because of the different climates and altitudes."

"When I sweat on stage (especially at festivals) these are the only things that still remain on my face! Good if you're wanting to go just a bit more glam. I feel more confident if my makeup looks good."

"I use face and body, and mix it with a bit of Nars Illuminator for a really good cover-up and shine."

"They look amazing and sunglasses are so essential on tour, especially after a big night!"

"So nice to wake up after a show the night before and give my face a good scrub, especially if I wore a lot of makeup. Just makes me feel really refreshed."

"It's so important to take vitamins. People always get ill on tour because of the close proximity in the bus with everyone."

"Perfect for stage and everyday wear, so really handy. Wearing one right now with a big white cross on the front."