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"I love this French brand and the way they use old clothes to build new outfits. I packed this perfect jean combo shirt—it's made with an old shirt!"
"I'm such a big fan of this designer. Brian did some pieces for our new videos and he made me a special dress for the American tour. It's cool to have different things to wear every night and offer something different to the crowd."
"I love Burt's Bees products and it's hard to find them in France, so when I'm in the U.S. I like to buy their conditioner."
"We can have really long nights on tour and this prevents me from having a scary face."
"Someone gave me these sunglasses after a show in L.A. and they are perfect for festivals!"
"This is the fragrance that I wear. Diptyque makes very particular scents and I can find one for every emotion."
"They're always in my suitcase. Even if I'm in a country where it's not supposed to be sunny, I like to have them with me!"
"When we're on tour we perform almost every day, so I need good makeup that will stay on perfectly during the show—even if I sweat. MAC makeup is really good, easy to use and not aggressive on my skin."
"I like to have different colors of nail polish with me, and Sephora does little bottles. They're easy to carry and to change every day if I want."
"I don't like to wear a purse at festivals—I prefer a little tote bag to carry some makeup, my phone, sunglasses and water. We just made a Safari Disco Club tote bag—perfect!"