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"I have one of these in almost every color, and I never travel without them. I love them because I can wear them with skirts, pants, shorts—anything, or I can wear them underneath dresses. They're super-comfortable, and I just like how tight they fit my body. I love wearing them with high-waisted pants or skirts—it's just a classic, tucked-in look."
"I've been wearing this watch for as long as I can remember. It's not only one of my favorite accessories, but it's a really great thing to have on stage because sometimes I have no idea how long we've been playing, so I can check my watch in between songs! I have the gnarliest watch tan from it too!"
"This was a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas, and it's definitely my favorite accessory of all time. I used to wear a ton of rings, but once I got this one I stopped wearing all of them, and started wearing just this one. It's a classic, simple gold ring, and I love that it goes with everything I wear."
"I got this from a crystal shop in Atlanta, and I've been wearing it ever since. It's a glittery tiger's-eye pendant, on a long silver chain. I never take it off, not even when I sleep. Tiger's-eye is said to promote a positive attitude, and attract wealth and success!"
"Dunsen Dusnen is one of my favorite designers out there right now. Ellen, the designer, has a really genius eye for colors and prints. Crop tops are by far my favorite sort of tops—and I love this one specifically because of the print. I wear a lot of solid blacks and whites, so I like that when I wear this, it adds something extra to a simple black skirt or pants. Not to mention it photographs really well."
"These sunglasses were a gift to me from the designer, and now I never walk outside without them. I love the shape of them, and I love wearing them on stage at outdoor festivals."
"This Marc by Marc Jacobs parka is by far my favorite item of clothing. I travel everywhere with this! It's definitely the most comfortable jacket that I own, so I never leave it behind—plus it goes with everything I wear."
"Rachel Comey is definitely my favorite shoe designer of all time. I love these boots because they have a three-inch heel, but I never really feel like I'm wearing heels when I have them on because of the way they're built. I'm a pretty short girl, so I enjoy wearing heels, especially on stage, but sometimes they get uncomfortable. But these shoes combine the comfort of an oxford, or some kind of cute flat, with the sophisticated look of a heel—plus the buckles are so cute!"
"I always take this backpack on tour because it's super-sturdy and holds so much. It's not exactly my style, but it's really practical for all of the traveling that I do. It has a separate laptop pocket, which makes airport security a lot easier, and a really deep front pocket that holds so much miscellaneous stuff that I'm always carrying around."
"I don't wear many T-shirts, unless they're crop tops, but I love this shirt more than anything. I basically stole it from my boyfriend after he bought it from a vintage shop in Toronto. It's really thin, and super-comfortable, and I love to wear it on planes because it's so cozy. Fleetwood Mac is one of my favorite bands of all time too, so it's a really special shirt to me."