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"I'm always pretty close up on the mic, so lipstick is out. Lip stains are the way to go for me."
"I LOVE the way that this smells. Showering with it turns the entire hotel room into a lavender cloud—it feels like home."
"I barely have to use any and it's pretty much the only thing that keeps my hair out of my face when I'm playing."
"Being in different climates every day while I'm traveling isn't really ideal for the skin, but this always sorts me out—it smells great too."
"I end up spraying this on everything. These guys are super-imaginative—just brilliant."
"I need tough boots, because they WILL take a major beating on tour. These have no laces—a major plus. Jeffrey Campbell shoes always look great, and the price is never too crazy, which is good because my shoes never last too long on the road."
"I'm into mixed metals, and my favorite piece right now is an oxidized copper rib cage charm necklace by Lillian Crowe."
"Gold liquid liner is a definite staple. I wear gold shadow around my eyes every day anyway, but this really makes them pop onstage. And gold has a lot of meaning for me—it's a really powerful color."
"These are by far the best-fitting jeans I've found—super-tight, but suuuper comfortable. I take four pairs with me when I'm on the road."
"This Seneca Rising top is my favorite piece to wear onstage. The bottom layer is a long mesh tank, so I can wear it with a ton of other stuff too, which is key for traveling light."